Virtual reality Naughty Harbor

What is the virtual reality
Naughty Harbor?

A unique experience combines an extremely real silicone doll with an immersive virtual reality. All these thanks to the lightweight and high-resolution wireless device. Come and enjoy your favorite porn actresses on your own and free your imagination.

What to expect from VR Naughty Harbor?

Imagine the most beautiful girl that whispers into your ear. She tempts and undressing you. You can feel her skin. You can't resist and at this moment will win the excitement. We have more possible scenarios. Naughty Harbor virtual reality brings immersive visual and physical pleasure.

How does it work?

Just visit us.

In the room will be prepared hygienically clean real doll and VR set just for you.

Chose the video

Everyone likes something else. It is just upon you which one of the enjoyment you chose.

Just free your imagination.

Then it's up to you. With a real doll, you can give maximum space to your imagination.


30 minutes
1 200 Kč
(+ 1 000 Kč deposit)

60 minutes
1 900 Kč
(+ 1 000 Kč deposit)

120 minutes
2 900 Kč
(+ 1 000 Kč deposit)

Exceptionally real sex dolls

High-quality silicone = firm and pleasing body

Fantasies with no boundaries

The doll is here for you and your fantasies

A Unique experience

Try out our sex dolls in the very first studio in the Czech Republic

100% safe and discreet

What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors