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6Ye Doll

The brand that makes Real Sex Dolls from silicone and TPE 6Ye Doll is world-famous. They make ultra-realistic sex dolls. It takes care of all the details, including the intimate ones. The vaginas, rectums or breasts of these doll's look like real women. You can choose many customizations, including the color of the skin, eyes, hair or nails.The quality inner skeleton with joints allows you to easily adjust the sex doll to any desired position. The brand is in close collaboration with the Amor doll brand. Read more


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Some 6Ye dolls have some part - a head or body from the Amor doll, which is characterized by more elaborate details of the bodies or heads of sex dolls. If the sex doll is from this collaboration, this information is in the product detail in the product series. If the whole sex doll is from the Amor doll brand, you will find it in the Amor doll brand category. 

Newly, the brand offers sucking vagina customization (for all sex dolls taller than 140 cm (4'7"), so you can enjoy more intense vaginal sex. 6Ye Doll offers certain types of soft heads in the basic version of the sex doll. Only this type of silicone head allows oral sex. Whether it is a soft head can be found in the product details of the individual dolls.