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Robotic sex dolls from the Ai-AiTech brand are not only faithful, realistic companions that will satisfy you sexually, but you can also communicate with them. They are the 1st affordable interactive sex robots – companions with the ability to learn and lead increasingly complex conversations about how often you talk to them. They are made with the utmost care and attention to every detail from M-TPE material, which is more flexible and durable. They have a high-quality flexible steel frame, and touch sensors – thanks to which they can sigh happily when touched in the right places, warm the body up to 37 ° C and facial expressions synchronized with the content of the communication. When saying your name, count on a defiant smile. In the offer of sex dolls robots with artificial intelligence from Ai-AiTech, you will find both blonde, brunette, and redheads. However, these robotic sex dolls have one thing in common – they will please you not only with their sexy body but also with a pleasant conversation.