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New sex dolls are added to the Naughty world every month. We select for you only the highest-quality brands from all over the world. What will you find in our News section?

  • Every month we regularly add to the assortment by all proven brands we offer.
  • We continuously add new proven brands of sex dolls. We carefully assess each manufacturer and select only those with original and quality products. Here in Naughty Harbor you will not find any cheap counterfeits or low-quality manufacturers, of which there are a large number on the market today.
  • Of course, you will find every new sex doll, male doll or mini doll in the respective category immediately after it is added to the e-shop. Each one is marked with the blue NEW label for a period of two months.
  • All new products can be found in one place right here. Which of the freshest beauties below do you like the most?


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