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WM doll

WM doll  is considered to be a pioneer and a world leader in the industry of love dolls – it is one of the largest and the most popular manufacturers of high quality and realistic sex dolls. It produces TPE dolls, silicone dolls, and WM sex dolls in a fully customizable combination of TPE (body) + silicone (head). WM doll has more than 100 types of bodies and over 400 variants of WM doll heads in its portfolio. We also produce the very popular and realistic WM doll torsos.

As a part of the BRAND OFFERS, when purchasing a sex doll from WM Doll, you will get the following FREE BONUSES: second head, a fixed tongue, articulated fingers, gel breasts, standing feet, and $100 off on the breathing function and a 20% discount on the electric sucking vagina. But hurry – this promotion is only valid until 07/31/2024. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer. Read more


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Explore diverse menu, catering to all tastes and preferences. From muscular male dolls to pregnant beauties with soft TPE bellies, and even ethnicities like stunning black women – we have something for everyone. Choose from seamless dolls with heads firmly attached for maximum realism. Realistic doll manufacturers WM Doll, OR Doll, and YL Doll offer the same type of heads, which are fully compatible with these three brands.

  • WM doll reviews show that the following love dolls are among the most popular: WM doll 140 cm, WM doll 150 cm, and WM doll 166 cm.
  • WM doll sale made all silicone dolls go under the subsidiary brand Angel Kiss from 1/1/2023.

The brand also has an extensive warehouse in Europe and the USA. The delivery of selected WM dolls is a maximum of 10 business days. The uniqueness of WM dolls lies in years of experience with the development of sex dolls, variety, a wide range of products, high quality at a favorable price, plus constant innovation.


WM doll Offers countless optional parameters. Popular customizations include a lubricated vagina (by adding a few drops of water to the TPE surface, which is specially treated, it becomes "self-wetting" and additional lubricating gels are not necessary), articulated fingers (allows you to bend and position the fingers as in a live woman), bikini lines (temporary and changeable) and real make-up and surface veins.

For male sex dolls, you can choose a hard penis size (15 cm / 19 cm). You can easily turn a love doll into a trans doll thanks to a shemale penis that slides into the vagina. We do not ignore the current trend of lightweight sex dolls, and for certain types of dolls, you can choose a lightweight skeleton customization, so your beauty can be up to 10 kg lighter.

Now the WM doll also offers robotic customization such as an electric sucking vagina with automatic suction and retracting function, with the help of which you can enjoy real interactive vaginal sex. In addition, the breath simulation, where the doll's chest moves as if a living woman is breathing (a fully charged battery will allow the sex doll to breathe for up to 4 hours) - this customization is only suitable for dolls made of TPE material, with a height of 150 cm - 175 cm and breasts of size C cup and larger.

With our tallest WM sex dolls standing at 166 cm, now available in an all-silicone version, customers can select models with a minimum size of C-cup breasts in the customizer. This option provides the highest level of detail and realism. Additionally, we introduce a new feature: a movable, manually adjustable jaw. This innovation allows users to open or close the sex doll's mouth to their desired size, enhancing the experience of oral sex. The oral cavity also features a movable, flexible, soft realistic tongue, simulating the sensation of a real-life woman. Moreover, for all sex dolls with a height exceeding 118 cm, customers can purchase sexy outfits directly from the customizer.

Attention! When selecting the breath simulator customization or electric sucking and flexing vagina or heating system, take note that  only one of them can be selected at a time.

Naughty tip

Breathe life into your WM sex doll by choosing a robotic breathing simulation customization. Your beauty can move her chest very naturally when plugged into a power outlet, just like a real  woman. And if you prefer classic love-making, use the option for  an electric-flexing vagina.