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In the Naughty Harbor e-shop, we only sell high-quality real sex dolls from certified manufacturers. All of them are looking for a partner to fulfill their secret dreams and desires. They love tender sex, deep oral, and passionate anal. A filter can help you find your ideal lover, where you can easily and quickly choose a real sex doll based on material, weight, height, manufacturer, breast size, and other parameters. You can also find real sex dolls classified into several categories according to appearance (anime, Asian, chubby...). We regularly add new and carefully verified brands to our shop and expand the range of existing dolls.

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Which real sex doll to choose?

In addition to appearance and material, the main parameters when choosing and buying a real sex doll are size and weight. For easier orientation, we have divided them into 4 categories: mini (up to 100 cm (39,3 inch), weight max. 20 kg (44lbs)), small (from 101 (39,7 inch) to 130 cm (51,1 inch) 15-25 kg (33 - 51,1 lbs)), medium (from 131 (51,5 inch) to 160 cm (63 inch), 25 – 35 kg (55,1  - 77,2 lbs)) and tall (from 161 cm (63,4 inch) and more, 35 – 45 kg (77 - 99lbs)).

In general, mini and small real sex dolls are lighter, easier to handle, and take up less storage. Tall dolls are heavier, which increases the demands on your strength. However, their bodies faithfully imitate the figures of living women. Considering the price, the difference between a mini-doll made of TPE material and a tall real sex doll made of silicone can be hundreds of dollars.

Promo photos vs. reality

The purchased real sex doll is delivered naked, without the clothes and accessories that the doll has in the promo photos (some brands allow you to buy clothes and accessories). Promo photos of all real sex dolls are created by professional photographers, so please note that the quality of the photos and the lighting cause some parts of the body such as skin tone to look slightly different in real life.

Real sex dolls are delivered with body and head separately for easier storage and hygiene. The transition between the neck and the head is well-made and does not detract from their beauty. The advantage is the possibility of buying an extra head, so you can change the appearance of your companion in a moment and thus get 2 in 1, i.e. more pleasure and fun.