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Choose high-quality love dolls from certified brands. They all love sex and are not ashamed of it. Tender lovemaking, deep oral, or passionate anal is an unforgettable experience with a love doll. A filter can help you find the ideal companion, where you can easily and quickly choose a love doll based on material, height, weight, breast size, and other parameters. You can also find love dolls classified into the 18 most popular categories according to appearance (blondes, Asians, chubby...). We regularly add new brands and expand the range of existing ones.

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The difference between a TPE and a silicone love doll

The surface of the silicone doll is completely odorless and has a higher resistance to heat, water, and stains. It is less porous and sticky than TPE, more durable and less prone to damage, and easier to repair and clean. It enables a more detailed processing of the skin and thus a higher realism of the overall appearance of the virgin. However, it is more expensive, harder, and less elastic.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is more flexible, softer, and smoother than silicone. It has a high material memory, so the love doll is better positioned. Conducts heat well. However, it is less resistant to higher temperatures and stains. New dolls have a slight plastic smell, but it soon fades. Greater porosity and stickiness can be easily solved with children's or Fleshlight powder. TPE dolls are also more affordable.

The materials have different properties and it depends on the purpose for which you are primarily buying the love doll. Find out more about TPE and Silicone. If you're unsure about your choice, you can make a reservation at Naughty Harbor Private to try one of our beauties.