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Doll Forever is a young company founded in 2016. In a short time, it has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of realistic sex dolls, which it produces from both TPE and silicone. Doll Forever has brought together designers and managers from competing brands that have been active in the market for many years. They have accumulated their expertise from experienced professionals and customer experiences. The company's portfolio also includes the successful Piper Doll brand, whose realistic sex dolls can also be found in our specialized store. Being able to configure a sex doll exactly according to your dreams is tempting, isn't it? Read more


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The Doll Forever brand offers countless optional parameters, thanks to which your sex doll will be a complete original. There are many eye colors on offer, including non-traditional styles such as anime, red, white and cat. You can choose from many nail colors on both the hands and feet, and other interesting options. 

You can also choose a sex doll with a movable jaw (Dariah, Chipsy, Vivi, Sola), which you can easily adjust manually (open, close), so the doll can offer you not only various facial expressions but also more intense oral sex. The brand also offers silicone heads with a movable jaw customization that allows oral sex. These are the only type of heads that provide oral and this information is always listed in the product detail.