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Audio system

Realistic dolls can be equipped with an audio system. Thanks to built-in sensors, a doll responds to touches in intimate places (breasts, wedge), then sighs and delightly moans. Audio systems in high quality have sensors in the vagina and can respond…

Bra size

The bra size is indicated by the letters A, B, C, etc. The letter indicates the size of the bra basket, A is the smallest size. The total chest circumference is also listed for all dolls.

Firm penis

Firm penis means erection. It is most suitable for sex and erotic games

Fixed vagina

Fixed vaginas have the most realistic appearance. The vaginal cavity is structured for a perfect sex experience and is firmly attached to the body (there is no risk of the insert slipping). An only slight disadvantage is complicated regular cleaning…

Heating system

A sophisticated heating system allows you to increase the realistic feeling during sexual activities with your doll. It helps to raise the body temperature of a doll to a pleasant 37 ° C and guarantees a truly natural erotic experience.

Male doll

An anatomically perfect male sex doll. This erotic creation is made in many forms and variations. Their irresistible advantage is especially an endlessly firm erection, which will be appreciated by women and queer folxs alike.

Mini doll

Mini dolls are smaller and lighter versions of classic realistic dolls. Weights from 5 to 20 kg. They are easy to handle, suitable for traveling, easier to keep hidden and maintain. Another advantage is their lower price.

Positioning arms

Within the customization (appearance according to your wishes), you can shrugg arms. The shrugging joints contain special shoulder joints, thanks to which you can crouch the shoulders of your doll more closely to the head.

Realistic tongue

In basic versions, realistic dolls usually do not have a tongue. Their mouths contain only a cavity suitable for blow jobs or deepthroat. In this configuration, however, you can choose a realistic tongue which, in addition, means more natural oral…

Removable vagina

Removable vaginas are for those who like comfort and like to simplify the hygiene of their doll. This vagina is not fixed in the doll, but can be taken out and inserted again. To be specific it looks like there is a larger cavity in the doll's lap…

Retractable penis

You can insert a retractable penis into the dollꞌs vagina. It offers both widening and diversification of sexual activities (anal sex). It is a convenient and welcome supplement.

Sewn hair

For true realistic doll lovers, there is an alternative to wigs - sewn (implanted) hair. These are firmly connected to the doll's skin. In addition to artificial hair, it is possible to buy a sex doll  with natural hair. When choosing a variant…

Sex doll

Sex dolls (real sex dolls) or realistic dolls are a breathtaking erotic tool. These perfect replicas of women's bodies offer countless variations and possibilities of appearance, thanks to the modern materials from which they are made (TPE,…


Silicone is an artificial polymer used for the production of sex toys for over 20 years. Dolls made of it are very realistic, non-porous, hypoallergenic and heat resistant. Compared to TPE, it is slightly harder and stiffer. Less susceptible to…

Soft penis

A soft penis is more a design matter. It is not erected and therefore not very functional during intimate intercourse.

Standing Feet

When selecting and configuring a doll, you can choose whether you want her to be able to stand. This  doll has feet adapted that incorporate three screws on which she stands. The relative disadvantage is that they are permanently visible because…

Touch system

A touch system is an above-standard function, but it's definitely worth it. The system enables your doll to react to your touches, Usually it works so that when you touch your dollꞌs breasts or vagina and she begins to moan. If you repeat the…


TPE or thermoplastic elastomer (a mix of plastics and synthetic rubber) is a hypoallergenic, elastic, soft and ergonomically adaptable material. Thanks to its structure, it is very pleasant and natural to touch (it imitates human skin most…