Since its establishment in 2017, the Zelex brand has focused on the production of hyper-realistic female Zelex sex dolls. It emphasizes perfect and detailed craftsmanship of the dolls and their visuals, which are created based on a combination of traditional sculpting techniques and 3D technology. State-of-the-art digital modeling technologies make it possible to achieve premium Zelex love dolls at incredible prices. The brand has its own development and design team from start to finish plus it has all the equipment for 3D scanning and printing. Newly available for sex dolls from the Inspiration series is the innovative Ultra-Soft silicone. This 10 % softer silicone feels like real human skin, is fade resistant and available for all skin colors. Only available for sex dolls from the Inspiration series. 

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Zelex produces both silicone dolls and so-called hybrid dolls (TPE body + silicone head). All silicone dolls and Zelex heads are made of platinum silicone. The innermost layer is filled with foam silicone to reduce the overall weight. The breasts are filled with gel, which makes them soft and vibrate naturally when touched. 

New: The EXP body skeleton with improved joints in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, and waist gives ZELEX dolls much wider flexibility  for realistic movements and positions.

The skeletons of Zelex dolls have had  a technological innovation in 2021, and real Zelex dolls are now significantly lighter – therefore, you can find them in the lightweight sex dolls category. The lower weight significantly improves  handling during hygiene and erotic games.

Zelex dolls reviews consistently show that among sex doll users  these  beauties of this caliber are popular and are considered to be of the highest quality.


Zelex provides a wide range of customizations. All the sex dolls from this workshop have soft gel breasts, which look and feel almost identical to real breasts.

Special customizations include standing feet option with no visible screws (standard standing feet have permanently visible screws on the foot), freckles (real makeup), a hymen (one-time customization), articulated fingers (allowing bendable knuckles articulation, just like real human fingers) or a gel butt (gel filling makes it softer).

Furthermore, an electric flexing vagina (when plugged into an electrical outlet, the vagina’s  automatic suction and retraction starts, providing a realistic interactive vaginal sex) and a movable jaw (manually adjustable mouth). In addition to the purchase of a selected doll, you can purchase a custom sexy stylish outfit.

The Zelex brand has a special product line of 130 cm, which offers smaller versions of selected 170 cm tall dolls. It is thus possible to obtain a doll in a reduced version (130 cm). The proportions and appearance are maintained, but this sex doll is significantly cheaper and the smaller size makes it easier to handle when lovemaking, maintenance, and storage/transport.

New: Zelex Inspiration series – sex dolls with a unique removable vagina and an improved oral cavity with a movable jaw.

Naughty tip

Get the most realistic Zelex doll – buy a silicone doll with custom legs  that allows your doll to stand without visible feet screws and a soft gel bottom that shakes like a real woman when spanked.