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Since its establishment in 2013, the brand of ultra-realistic sex dolls of the highest quality, Zelex, has focused on the production of top-quality sex dolls, which are created under the hands of real professionals. Zelex emphasizes perfect, detailed craftsmanship of their sex dolls and their visual quality, which is based on 3D models of real women. The silicone sex dolls from the Zelex workshop provide a unique experience of intimate contact with hyper-realistic artificial women, with an extreme attention to detail. These sex dolls provide a variety of customization options. Zelex makes both silicone dolls and so-called hybrid dolls (TPE body + silicone head). All sex dolls from this workshop have gel breasts that are almost identical in appearance and touch to the breasts of real women. You can choose customization as an electric sucking vagina (when plugged into an electrical outlet it automatically sucks and retracts, thus it provides real interactive vaginal sex) and a flexible jaw (you can manually adjust a mouth). The sex dolls skeletons have undergone technological innovation in 2021 and silicone dolls are now significantly lighter. The lower weight of all Zelex sex dolls significantly facilitates handling during hygiene and erotic play. New: Inspiration series - sex dolls with unique removable vagina and improved oral cavity with movable jaw. New: The EXP body skeleton with improved joints in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, and waist gives ZELEX dolls much wider options for realistic movements and poses.

As a part of the BRAND OFFERS, when purchasing a sex doll from this manufacturer you get an EXTRA soft silicone head for free (soft version - allowing oral sex) + real make up freckles, veins + movable jaw + pubic hair + gel butt + sucking vagina + articulated fingers + standing feet. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer. Promotion is valid till end of November.


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