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Design your own sex doll

Design your own sex doll

You can design your own sex doll. For demanding customers, we offer the opportunity to design male dolls and sex dolls from your photos. Fulfill your dream of a perfect woman or men, one that no one else in the world will have. If you didn’t choose any real sex doll from our selection you can create your own. Customize your own body, head, or get a discount for the whole set. This all is offered by the brands Jarliet Doll, Irontech Doll and WM Doll.

As part of the order, submit as many photos of the body/head as you can from different angles. The minimum are 4 photos. Don't forget that the more quality photos you send, the better the result will be. The verified consent of the person in the photographs is required before starting the modeling.

ATTENTION! There is no right of withdrawal when the modeling starts. The whole process of custom production of a sex doll from the photos is carefully consulted with the client/customer, and at the end, photos are sent to him for final approval.

*In the case of modeling a non-standard body type (three breasts, extreme dimensions of individual body parts, etc.), the price for a sex doll from the photos is priced individually regarding the complexity of a specific order.