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Professional manufacturer of realistic sex dolls HRDoll specializes in platinum TPE (odorless, does not stick, washes better, contains less oil) sex dolls with ultra-realistic silicone heads. In the assortment of this brand, you will also find realistic mannequins, so-called Male Dolls, which also have a silicone head for a maximally realistic look, elaborate bodies, real beards and hair. The team of professional artists, sculptors and designers care about the high quality and health and safety of all materials used, and the brand thus belongs to the world's top manufacturers of sex dolls. Read more


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Thanks to the third generation frame made of 304 stainless steel, the sex dolls from the HRDoll workshop weigh less, are more durable and more flexible. Their joints can handle a large variation of sexual positions.

Many customization options of this manufacturer allow you to create a real original that undergoes the necessary strict quality control before shipment. HRDoll sex dolls are created in the same factory as those from 6YE DOLL, so the sex doll heads are fully compatible within the two brands.