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Founded in 2018, the Ridmii brand is among the world's favorite manufacturers of robotic sex dolls. It specializes in high-end luxury realistic dolls aimed at providing customers intimate and deep experiences. Their offerings include dolls made from TPE material, silicone, and hybrid models with a TPE body and silicone head. Ridmii dolls are available in Europe. They continually push the boundaries of technological possibilities and are continuously innovating while focusing on weight reduction and advanced customization technologies. Among their latest is a special application called APP Control (only for selected dolls), which connects to a mobile phone and allows control of three specific customizations: slap moaning and hip vibration, the electric sucking vagina, and sound touching system. In various modes, you can experience different waves of pleasure.

As a part of the BRAND OFFERS, when purchasing a sex doll from Ridmii, you will get the following FREE BONUSES: realistic body make up veins, articulated fingers, standing feet, gel breast and articulated fingers. But hurry – this promotion is only valid until 08/31/2024. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer

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Discover the diverse and fascinating customizations of luxury realistic dolls from the Ridmii brand. Here you will find their different versions and useful tips and advice for choosing them. With  options to customize, you can create an erotic doll exactly according to your deepest desires.

In the e-shop, for every selected doll from this manufacturer, you can choose specific customization details – such as eye color, hair type, vagina type, robotic functions, and more.

The Ridmii brand particularly, specializes  in sex dolls with robotic customizations. Therefore, you will find many revolutionary options that further intensify your experiences with an erotic doll.

Oral Sex - Auto-Sucking

Experience unique oral sex thanks to the realistic oral cavity with automatic sucking, is available in two versions. There is the classic version – sucking, and the sucking version with heating of the oral cavity for an even more authentic experience. Available only for heads with a movable jaw.


Sex Robot - Electric Hips and Waist

Another robotic customization from the Ridmii brand is the function that allows the erotic doll to move during classic sex. This customization includes hip movements, significantly increasing the intensity and realism of the experience with the artificial doll. This customization can be added to any doll marked ROBOT except for models with a height of 59,1 inch| 150 cm, 61,8 inches| 157 cm, 62,6 inch| 159 cm, 63 inch| 160 cm, 63,4 inch| 161 cm, 63,8 inch| 162 cm, 64,2 inch| 163 cm, 64,6 inch| 164 cm, 65 inch| 165 cm, 65,4 inch| 166 cm, 65,7 inch| 167 cm and 66,1 inch| 168 cm.

Slap Moaning and Hip Vibration 

Slapping the sex doll’s buttocks activates the hip vibrations and causes the doll to moan. Choose this customization for a more realistic sex experience. Available only for dolls of 63 inch| 161 cm/ C-cup, 64 inch| 163 cm/ D-cup, and 66 inch| 167 cm/ E-cup.

Sex Robot - Auto Blowjob

Thanks to the movement of the head that thrusts and bobs like getting oral sex from a live woman, the overall experience becomes even more intense. Two different versions are available: sex robot without speed control or with the option of speed regulation. You can choose from several modes with different speeds/intensities. available for sex dolls with heights of 59,1 inch| 150 cm, 61,8 inch| 157 cm, 62,2 inch| 158 cm,  62,6 inch| 159 cm, 63 inch| 160 cm, 63,8 inch| 162 cm, 64,2 inch| 163 cm,  64,6 inch| 164 cm, 65 inch| 165 cm, 65,7 inch|167 cm and 66,1 inch| 168 cm.

App Control

The Ridmii brand introduces new technology that allows you to control three unique customizations via a mobile phone: the slap moaning and hip vibration, the electric sucking vagina, and sound (touching) system. All functions can be easily controlled via the APP control application that you install on your phone. available only for selected dolls.

What exactly does the APP offer?

- 10 modes of automatic vagina sucking

- 10 modes of vagina vibration

- 6 modes of moaning

Each mode is designed to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Naughty Tip:

Do you enjoy oral sex? Then we recommend choosing a Ridmii head with a movable jaw, which offers an authentic experience unlike most standard heads. Additionally, with the new robotic customization Oral Sex -  Auto-Sucking, you have the option to order not only automatic sucking but also heating of the oral cavity. Thanks to these features, oral sex with an erotic doll will be even more intense and realistic.