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Male Sex Dolls

In the category o fanatomically correct  Male Sex Dolls, you will find a wide range of models with different types and sizes of penises. These dolls are designed with an emphasis on realism and detail, reflected in their muscular build and natural appearance. They are made from either silicone or TPE material. Unlike fully customizable sex dolls, Male Sex Dolls have a more limited range of customizations. You can still choose from basic options such as skin color, eye color, hair type, or legs with standing options. And regarding penises, some brands offer both hard and soft variants (not intended for sex), with hard penises often available in two or more sizes. Penis swapping is simple and quick – you can have several shapes or sizes and change them as needed. The largest selection of Male Sex Dolls is available from Irontech DollAF Doll, and WM Doll.


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