Piper Doll

The brand Piper Doll is a professional manufacturer of sex dolls that do not have a detachable head. The solid connection between the body and the head gives the dolls a very realistic appearance. All Piper sex dolls are seamless – there are no visible seams on the body or head. They are made of silicone or TPE material, intricately detailed to the smallest detail. 

Piper Doll has also developed its own unique metal skeleton, which makes the movements of their sex dolls mimic the movements of real women. The Piper Doll brand belongs to a group of cooperating brands including Doll-Forever, Doll House 168, and Irokebijin. In the assortment of this brand, you will find various body types of sex dolls as well as the Piper sex doll torsos.

Among the most popular sex dolls are: Piper doll Ariel, Piper doll AkiraPiper doll Iris, Piper doll Jessica, and Piper doll Elsa.


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Choose from a vast array of customizations. You can choose the skin color, lips color and vagina option. Piper doll also allows you to customize the breasts from three different types (solid, hollow, gel - we recommend the gel-filled breasts for their high level of realism, see video), including the color and areola size. 

Some of the TPE Piper love dolls are also available as the Affordable version - they have foam filled body parts, for example, the breast and buttocks – and are therefore cheaper. 

These are some of the sex dolls: Mein 51,2 inch | 130 cm / D-Cup; Liah 59 inch | 150 cm/ K-Cup; and Ayrin 63 inch | 160 cm/ L-Cup. This brand offers many small and medium-sized sex dolls as well. You can choose your doll to be made of silicone or TPE material.

Double Joint Knee 

The double knee joint EVO allows the sex doll's legs to bend at the knees by more than 90 degrees and she can also kneel stably.

Hard hand

For silicone dolls only, Piper Doll offers the popular customization of reinforced wrists, which allows you to safely position the doll in multiple sexual positions (such as doggy style).

Clothes and accessories

You can purchase a sexy outfit or stylish accessory for your  doll in the customizer.

Naughty Tip

If you choose a silicone sex doll, we highly recommend selecting the customizations for  reinforced wrists and a soft buttock that realistically bounces back upon impact.