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Sex robot

Welcome to the future, where sex robots in the form of sex dolls are equipped with the latest technologies. Explore the individual options of specific robotic dolls and experience futuristic love and sex with robots. Only Ai-AiTech dolls have the robotic head customization included for free in the price, while other brands require selecting the sex robot customization for an additional fee in the customizer.

Selected sex dolls from Sy Doll and SEdoll. Thanks to the Real Doll AI customization, these dolls have the ability to move (Sy Doll – hip rotation, SEdoll – forward and backward hip movement) during lovemaking, providing a more intense experience for traditional, anal, and oral sex.

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Real Doll AI with robotic heads equipped with artificial intelligence from Ai-AiTech, they will not only satisfy you sexually but also be able to  communicate. They are the first affordable interactive robotic love dolls that can learn. You can choose from 7 types of sex robots, and you can select various body sizes and breast types for the robotic heads.

Irontech doll offers two robotic customizations: Sex Robot – Movable Body (sex robot doll moves chest and hips, for dolls: tpe, tpe+silikon - 140/156/157/158/159/160/161/163/163P/165/167/168/170/171/ 175; silikon - 152/156/158/159/162/163/164/165/167/168/169/170 cm and Sex Robot – Oral Function (sex doll moves neck and thrusts head during oral sex, for same sizes as movable body. Both customizations can be combined. The same robotic customizations are also available from Real Lady.

You can find the AI-enhanced robotic doll Emma in the AS Doll brand. Other brands offering robotic customizations include Jarliet (Movable Body) and Jiusheng Doll (Sex Robot Oral and Moaning).