Life-size sex dolls

In our specialized e-shop, we offer only original life-size sex dolls from certified manufacturers and brands. We regularly add new and carefully verified brands and constantly expand the range of life-size sex dolls among the existing ones. A filter helps you find the perfect companion, where you can easily choose a life-size sex doll based on material, height, weight, brand, and other parameters. You can also find sex dolls classified into 18 categories according to appearance (anime, blondes, chubby...).

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How to take care of life-size sex dolls

If you can it is ideal to store the doll hanging on a hook, which you can also purchase from us, or stored lying on your back on a soft mat (foam, mattress). Alternatively, you can store it in the box it was delivered in, as it is lined with polystyrene foam, and put a soft blanket under it.

Always store the dolls in a dust-free environment, without clothes, in a cooler, dry place, ideally out of the reach of sunlight.

It can be said that the lifespan of life-size dolls ranges from 2 to 10 years depending on how much you take care of them. We recommend reading the article on How to increase sex doll life span.