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Jiusheng Doll

Since 2018, the Jiusheng Doll brand has been specializing in super-realistic silicone sex dolls, TPE dolls, and those in a combination of TPE (body) and silicone (head). Sex dolls are divided into two product series. The first series are sex dolls with the appearance and body size of adult women (adult size) marked as Jiusheng. The second series offers sex dolls with the appearance of young cute lolitas and you can find them in the product description as MLW Dolls. As usual, silicone heads do not have an opening for the mouth, but in the customizer, you can choose a soft head that provides one. Selected heads also have a movable jaw (which allows manual adjustment of the mouth). Juisheng silicone dolls come with realistic body make-up but for TPE dolls you need to choose the level of make-up sophistication. 


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