The AIBEI Doll brand focuses on the production of premium realistic dolls from the highest quality certified materials. In its assortment, you can find more than 250 original products. They produce sex dolls from silicone, platinum TPE, and a combination of TPE body + silicone head. Their full offer includes classic beauties, anime sex dolls with elf ears or blue skin, male sex dolls, and practical sex torsos. Read more


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All AIBEI Doll TPE dolls are already in the basic version made of TPE Platinum material, which, like silicone, very faithfully imitates human skin and enables ultra-realistic processing of dolls.

In addition to the classic customizations (color of eyes, nails, wigs, etc.), this manufacturer also offers articulated fingers and detachable legs for sex dolls taller than 100 cm. They provide easier handling of the sex doll during regular hygiene, transport, and storage.

AIBEI Doll's smart heating system offers several superior features such as heating to the temperature of a human body. The thermostat with a clear display is simply connected to the connector on the body of the doll and to the socket. It automatically monitors the correct temperature and switches off the heating in case of any risk.

In addition to the classic sigh of a doll, which you can activate by touching intimate parts (breasts, lap, vagina), the intelligent sound system offers other functions: conducting a simple dialogue, automatic shut-off when idle, an indicator warning of the battery being depleted soon, and easy recharging.

The electric-sucking vagina is available for all dolls with a height of 138 cm and above. It can be combined with heating and a sound system. You just need to plug a doll simply by using a cable with the adapter (AC/DC) into the socket. Please note: The 138 cm sex doll that comes with an electric sucking vagina doll does not have an anal opening and the vagina depth of all dolls with this customization is a maximum of 15 cm. 

Naughty tip

Take advantage of AIBEI Doll's smart customization options and bring your doll to life with a heating and sound system with an electric sucking vagina.