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In this category, we have selected the best sex dolls for you. The current trend is to achieve the most realistic look for sex dolls when manufacturing these futuristic companions. Since the beginning, the goal of the manufacturers is to create sex dolls that will look like real women and men. And they have been very successful, i.e., see the best sex dolls such as Sonya or Sandra.

Even though TPE material helps to achieve the look of a realistic sex doll, silicone is still being increasingly used for these purposes. That allows the creation of a sex doll that has naturally structured skin, visible veins, freckles, etc. Customization that further enhances the real look of a sex doll includes a hymen, bikini tan, gel breasts and ass, finger joints, and implanted hair. The best sex doll that is almost indistinguishable from a living woman has a higher price regarding the use of the highest quality material and more labor work. It is a unique collector's piece comparable to other works of art.


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