Luxury Sex Dolls

As a part of the range of sex dolls from the renowned brands that you can find in the Naughty Harbor e-shop, we have created a high-end category for connoisseurs of luxury products including sex dolls at the price point of $2000 and above. 

Here you will find luxury sex dolls made of TPE and silicone. Their realistic and elaborately detailed individualized body parts are made with the most professional care in the production. All the components really shine when compared to the other brands offered. Naturally, this quality is reflected in the higher purchase price. 

The popular brands that offer luxury sex dolls include, Sino-doll, WM doll as well as Elsa Babe. The more expensive and elaborate luxury sex dolls are not only sophisticated erotic aids, but also collectible works of art. However, as in the case of art, it is necessary to beware of fakes, which are often characterized by low price, poor quality materials and shoddy craftsmanship when compared to the original.

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Luxury Sex Dolls Features

Ultra-realistic look: Luxury sex dolls are designed with the highest attention paid to the smallest detail, such as realistic facial features, lifelike hair and even realistic eyes that add to their overall authenticity.

Top quality materials: They are made from high quality silicone or TPE. Not only do these luxury sex dolls look like real people, but also feel like human skin. Thanks to the use of advanced alloy skeletons and joints, they can be manipulated to many different playful positions.

Superior Customization: Manufacturers offer the ability to customize sex dolls, including choosing eye color, hair, skin and even body proportions allowing customers the ability to create the doll of their fantasies.

  • Luxury sex dolls include sex robots that can come to life with a variety of robotic customizations, including AI. Some of the most popular ones include an electronic sucking vagina, breathing simulation, or moving their hips during sexual play.

Various uses: Although sometimes perceived as controversial, luxury sex dolls find use outside the erotic industry, but also as models for artistic photography. Most often, however, as companions for those seeking a form of unique intimate contact. 

The category of luxury sex dolls offers a fascinating look at how technology and art merge to create products that test the limits of realism and human and machine interaction.