Gynoid technology focuses on the research and development of ultra-realistic lifelike silicone sex dolls. A small range of silicone Gynoid dolls, finely detailed down to the tiniest detail. Gynoid Dolls are a highly sought after artistic collection that come with a price tag to match. They will be appreciated especially by connoisseurs of luxury goods. Followers of this line can look forward to the highly anticipated Android model 8, which is currently awaiting launch.

Artists and special 3D modeling techniques are rendered in the production of the premium Gynoid sex dolls, which creates incredibly realistic copies of real women. They are made of platinum silicone. Gynoid bodies have a skeleton made of a strong, lightweight alloy. Due to extremely flexible joints, Gynoid dolls move and can positioned in a very realistic manner, which perfectly complement the quality and ultra-realistic design of the body's lifelike surface.Read more


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Gynoid's most popular customizations include a choice of vaginal depth, vaginal structure option, soft head (a head made of softer silicone providing stimulating oral sex) or the firm feet option – this is an enhancement provides harder silicone on the doll's ankles for more stability during play.

Naughty tip 

Prevent damage to your Gynoid doll's feet by using the firm feet option.  And if you're a fan of oral sex, you can't do without the soft head – a head made of softer silicone that is incredibly satisfying.