The Starpery brand is renowned not only for its meticulous craftsmanship in creating real sex dolls but also for its visionary approach to doll development. In their standard configuration, Starpery dolls feature TPE bodies with silicone heads, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, including lifelike facial features such as wrinkles, freckles, and lip structure. Additionally, they offer a selection of Starpery dolls from the popular lightweight category, as well as their highly sought-after Starpery torsos.

As a part of the BRAND OFFERS, when purchasing a sex doll from Starpery, you will get the following FREE OPTIONS:extra head, realistic body painting freckles+veins, firm feet, gel breast, implanted synthetic hair, movable eyes, gel ass, standing feet, shrugged shoulder and articulated fingers. But hurry – this promotion is only valid until 04/30/2024. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer. Read more


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Starpery doll reviews consistently highlight these beauties as some of the most stunning among sex doll enthusiasts. Popular models include Strapery Hedy, Strapery Ursula, Starpery Rozanne, and Starpery Natalia.

Year after year, Starpery incorporates cutting-edge technologies into doll production, continuously improving their bodies and functions. In 2019, they introduced the ultra-realistic TPE 3.0 material. Then, in 2020, they reduced the weight of their dolls for the first time, followed by a technological innovation in 2021 that significantly lightened their skeletons. This reduced weight enhances maneuverability during hygiene and erotic activities.

Starpery Brand has a new customization, Weight Reduction 4.0, it is currently available for full-silicone dolls that are 67,7 inch | 172 cm ( with reduction 64 lb | 29 kg ) and for dolls at 59,4 inch | 151 cm (with reduction 42 lb | 19 kg)


Customization options abound with Starpery dolls. The basic variant features a TPE body and a silicone head, with an option to upgrade to a 100% silicone doll for an additional fee. Within the customizations, choose from articulated fingers, a soft head for enhanced oral sex, various breast types (full, hollow, gel), and vagina types (built-in or removable). Additionally, enjoy features like attractive  tan lines and more.

New additions include heads with  realistic moveable jaws, allowing for dynamic expressions and intensified oral sex experiences. The electronic flexing vagina feature, exclusive to silicone dolls, offers a stimulating experience akin to using a masturbator.

The Starpery 3.0 heating system provides added realism by warming the doll to human body temperature within just 30 minutes of activation. Utilizing graphene, this innovative heating system not only provides warmth but also offers hygienic  benefits and mite-killing properties.

As of October 2023, each Starpery doll comes with a unique anti-fake code card for verification of authenticity on the manufacturer's website.

Naughty tip

We recommend a combination of customizations such as  the electric flexing vagina and the Starpery 3.0 heating system. Making love to a Strapery sex doll heated to the temperature of the human body, whose vagina, thanks to automatic contraction and suction, gives you the most realistic experience of sex, is an authentic erotic experience that you will never get tired of.