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The goal of the FJ Doll brand is to offer a  wide range of affordable sex dolls of the highest quality. They offer TPE and silicone sex dolls and those with a combination of TPE bodies and silicone heads. In addition to the emphasis on detailed elaboration of the appearance, FJ Doll also offers Lightweight sex dolls. All love dolls have a head without an oral opening, but you can choose a soft head in the customizer free of charge, that allows oral sex. Among the interesting customizations is the possibility of choosing any head in the soft head version with an opening for the mouth and, in addition, a movable jaw, so you can manually adjust the doll’s mouth.  Read more


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Alternatively, for any variant of the head, the movable jaw itself. In line with trends, the FJ Doll brand also offers the option of a lightweight skeleton (without changing the height and body shape) for an additional fee. This makes TPE sex dolls lighter by 4-6 kg (8-13lbs) and silicone dolls by 10-15 kg. (22-33lbs).

The FJ Doll offers many customizations including articulated fingers, a sound touching system, a tanned bikini, real make-up/veins, or the popular robotic customization in the form of an electric sucking vagina.