Shipping and payment

Prices shown for Sex Dolls are final. You will not pay any postage or any other fees. We handle all the procedures related to the import of goods and customs clearance free of charge for you

There are 3 delivery options for your shipment

  • For the delivery of packages up to 50 kg we use the services of the Geis shipping company.
  • For delivery of packages over 50 kg we use the services of Czech Post.


Payment methods

We value you as customers, as well as your trust and money. Payment with us can be made through modern, convenient, proven and, above all, safe methods. With a view to your maximum satisfaction with our services, we offer you several options

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the payment process, please contact us at or call +420 721 634 362

Secure payment variants

Payment gateway

You can use the payment gateway to pay for your order by secure online bank transfer, credit card or mobile phone. Your money will be immediately transferred to our account. Sensitive input data that you enter into the Internet banking system is protected by the payment gateways of the banks and will not reach any third parties

  • Online card payment

When completing the order, in the "Shipping and Payment" section, select the button / icon for card payment. After you place your order, you will be automatically redirected to the FIO Bank's payment gateway, where you will fill in your credit card payment information and send a payment that will be credited to our account within minutes including weekends and holidays.

  • Online bank transfer

When completing the order, in the "Shipping and Payment" section, select the button / icon for instant on-line transfer. Select your bank and after placing your order you will be automatically redirected to your online banking. After logging in, the payment order will be generated and you only need to approve it and send the payment. Payment will be credited to our account in a few minutes including weekends and holidays.



PayPal is an international payment gateway that provides the maintenance of a PayPal account where you store credit card information or a certain amount of money. From this account you pay for ordered services and goods. PayPal also allows you to pay directly by VISA and MasterCard

User safety is a top priority for Paypal and your financial information (account number, credit card number, etc.) is never given to sellers and third parties. In addition, online shopping is covered by free shopping protection. If the item purchased online does not arrive or does not match the seller's description, you can get the full amount, including shipping back, by protecting your buyer at PayPal.

Classic bank transfer

Of course, we also offer a payment option through a classic bank transfer of money to our account number 290165511829/2010 at FIO Bank.


Payment on delivery

If you choose cash on delivery, you must count on 50% advance payment when ordering custom-made goods. You will pay the remaining 50% of the total amount on delivery.