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The first realistic dolls by the brand SY Doll saw the light of day in 2015. They are easily recognized by their typical greatly feminine curves that are characteristic of this manufacturer. Thanks to continuous technological innovation, all Sy Doll sex dolls have a special TPE coating which makes them much easier to maintain than competitor models. This brand boasts several interesting firsts – the beauty SY Doll Katana 163 cm biggest ass, weighing 61 kg, is currently (2022) the sex doll with the biggest ass on the market and SY Doll Hazel 176 cm is the tallest. Read more


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The maintenance-free TPE surface of SY Doll companions is realistic and pleasant to the touch, just like human skin. In addition to intimate user safety (zero content of phthalates, plasticizers), it quickly absorbs human heat upon contact and is duller, so it is less prone to stickiness. It saves time during maintenance and greatly increases user comfort.

The level of user comfort is very high also thanks to the robust skeleton equipped with an array of joints. This makes it super easy to arrange even heavier models of anatomically perfectly crafted sex dolls into any desired position. SY Doll sex dolls delight their owners with three realistically structured love holes for anal, oral and classic sex. You can choose from the assortment of the most popular standard models, or you can design and configure your own bespoke doll exactly to your own taste.

Selected heads have a movable jaw that allows manual adjustment of the size of the oral opening - in addition to the possibility of changing the facial expression, this configuration will be appreciated by all lovers of oral sex.