The XTDoll brand specializes in making ultra-realistic erotic dolls and focuses intensely on innovation, including weight reduction. Its sex dolls are refined down to the smallest detail with premium quality materials, from soft and smooth surface, to facial features and realistic body proportions. XT Dolls offer both silicone dolls and hybrid dolls with TPE bodies and silicone heads. In addition to visually diverse sex dolls, the range also includes masturbators. XTDoll provides its customers with a quality guarantee through an anti-fake system – each doll comes with a card with an unique code for authentication on the manufacturer's website.

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In addition to the classic customizations of choosing eye color, nail color or wig type, XTDoll is provided with luxurious gel breasts by default for all silicone dolls and for all sex dolls a shrugging shoulders customization that allows the doll's shoulders to be slightly raised up towards her head. 

Most XTDoll silicone heads do not have an opening for oral sex, but customizable selected heads have a movable jaw and these provide oral stimulation.

The brand focuses on weight reduction, which is very popular among sex doll users. For dolls with silicone bodies, the weight reduction is by default, but for dolls with TPE bodies, it's an additional cost. How much weight is reduced depends on the particular doll and her height - usually the weight is reduced by 7 - 18 lbs | 3 - 8 kg.

Interactive feedback legs

The brand has launched its first innovation in the form of interactive moving legs, which move naturally during sex, increasing the intensity and realism of the experience. The legs are equipped with special springs that do not affect the doll’s ability to stand, and they work without electricity.

Subcutaneous heating

XTDoll has solved the problem of long heating times for silicone and offers a special subcutaneous heating system that allows silicone dolls to have a body temperature like a real person extremely quickly. Simply plug the doll into an outlet using the included electrical cord and in 15 minutes the doll is heated to approximately human body temperature.

Naughty tip 

If you enjoy oral sex, we recommend that you choose the XTDoll head with a movable jaw that provides oral (unlike most standard heads). You will also appreciate the assurance of the original thanks to the anti-fake control system.