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Dolls Castle

The Dolls Castle brand was founded in 2016. It offers a very comprehensive and wide range of realistic sex dolls made of both TPE material and silicone. In the Dolls Castle range you will also find hybrid sex dolls with TPE body and silicone head, mini sex dolls, small sex dolls, sex dolls with European and Asian characteristics as well as anime inspired sex dolls. 

Doll Castle is famous for anime sex dolls with a large proportion of non-traditional sci-fi girls that make this brand impossible to miss and truly stand out. Another recommended addition is the highly desirable customization for weight reduction. Plus, thanks to the stock in Europe and the USA, you can enjoy your chosen sex doll in just 10 days. Read more


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Doll Castle offers a large number of customizations. In addition to the basic options such as eye color, wig choice or breast type, etc.You will also find the popular customizations for articulated fingers, electric sucking vagina, sound touching system and heating system.


Take this opportunity to choose the customizations of the electric sucking vagina, with a sound touching and heating system together to take your sex doll experience to the max.


With sex dolls of this brand, you can also choose an unusual skin color, for example blue, red, green - if the sex doll does not have it already in the default version, a different color can be selected for an additional fee in the customizer. 


For TPE dolls, it is possible to choose Body make-up, which provides an even more realistic and detailed appearance for the dolls surface. All Silicone dolls have Body make-up by default.


If you enjoy oral stimulation, you will appreciate that all Dolls Castle silicone heads are made of an incredibly soft silicone by default and adapted especially for oral sex. Similarly, the TPE material heads have an oral cavity for oral sex.

A highly appreciated customization is the weight reduction feature able to knock off about 22 - 26,5 lbs | 10 - 12 kg, which is available for TPE dolls weighing over 99,2 lbs | 45 kg  and for all silicone dolls.

Naughty tip

Are you turned on by unconventionally looking women with exaggerated features? The range of anime sex dolls and sci-fi sex dolls at Dolls Castle is one of the largest in the market for realistic dolls.