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Since 2018, XY Doll has been producing the best sex dolls at a great price and quality. Its products use the Anti-fake Check system, which allows you to verify the authenticity of each sex doll coming from the workshop. XY Doll’s sex dolls are made of improved TPE, which is odorless and more resistant to external influences and tearing. In the basic version, most XY Dolls have a TPE material body and a silicone head. For love dolls with parameters of 148 cm (58,3”) / C-cup, 158 cm (62,2”) / C-cup 168 cm (66,1”), you can choose a silicone body and head in the customizer – the silicone design allows for more detailed elaboration. XY Doll also offers all-silicone dolls in the basic version.  Read more


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The sex dolls of this manufacturer do not have an opening for oral sex, and all silicone body dolls only have a vagina (no anal opening). By default, they all have implanted eyebrows, eyelashes, and luxurious gel breasts, which are more realistic to look at and touch thanks to the gel filling. 

The range of XY Doll customization is wide: articulated fingers, shrugging shoulders, fixed and removable vagina, standing feet, implanted hair, double joint knee EVO (for bending at the knees and stability when kneeling), heating and sound touching system, or lubricated vagina.