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Irontech Doll

Irontech Doll is a pioneer in sexual and emotional entertainment with readily available stock in Europe and the USA since 2016. Irontech sex dolls made of TPE material, silicone or a combination of both TPE and silicone. These dolls are developed for the most pleasurable and realistic experience. Irontech Doll, uses only the best materials, quality craftsmanship (including custom designs and molds) and a very wide range of options – including Irontech Doll torsos, male sex dolls, a variety of skin tones and if you wish, pregnant. 

As a part of the BRAND OFFERS, when purchasing a sex doll made of silicone, you will get the following FREE BONUSES: Second Head(Exclude ROS Head), Standing Feet Without Bolts, Softer Vagina, Articulated Finger Joints, Gel Ass, Hard Hand, Softer Thigh, Softer Belly. But hurry – this promotion is only valid until 06/30/2024. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer. Read more

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All sex dolls have a flexible metal skeleton that is easy to handle. There is a wide selection of types and designs of Irontech Doll heads to choose from.

The most popular sex dolls according to the Irontech Doll forum and reviews are the Irontech Doll Celine and Irontech Doll Suki.

The Irontech Doll brand has stock in Europe and USA, which makes the delivery time of the dolls in stock only 10 business days. Recently, there has been a strong focus on creating sex dolls out of silicone; the silicone makes the detailed ultra-realistic skin and overall look and feel of our love dolls that is currently trending, possible. Silicone dolls from Irontechdoll offer an excellent value for money.


Popular customizations from this line include gel breasts (the gel filling gives the breasts great a lifelike look and feel), premium articulated fingers (allowing parts of the fingers to bend where knuckles would normally be), a deployable shemale penis or the EVO double knee joint (allowing the sex doll to bend her legs at the knees by more than 90 degrees and kneel stably). For Irontech silicone dolls, a realistic gel ass or a gel-filled pregnancy belly - gel fillers provide a high level of naturalness and intimacy. 

New: The Irontech Doll line now offers Sex robot oral function, Sex robot moving body and electric sucking vagina customizations..

With the Sex Robot - Oral function customization, where the doll moves her head and gyrates like a live woman, you will enjoy intense oral stimulation. This customization is available for dolls: tpe, tpe+silicon - 140/156/157/158/159/160/161/163/163P/165/167/168/170/171/ 175; silicon - 152/156/158/159/162/163/164/165/167/168/169/170 cm. if possible to combine the Sex Robot Oral Function with the standard and moving Irontech Doll body.

Irontech love dolls with robotic customization: a Sex robot with a moving body that naturally moves her chest and hips. This customization is available for dolls tpe, tpe+silicon - 140/156/157/158/159/160/161/163/163P/165/167/168/170/171/ 175; silicon - 152/156/158/159/162/163/164/165/167/168/169/170 cm. It can be combined with both the electric sucking vagina and the oral robotic function.

Naughty tip 

For those who love a nice butt, we recommend choosing a silicone sex doll with a gel ass customization that moves like a woman’s when spanked.