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Irontechdoll (Irontech Doll) Sex dolls are most often inspired by the European and American aesthetic. These Sex Dolls are made of high-quality TPE material developed for the most pleasant and realistic experience. You can create a doll exactly according to your taste. Realistic dolls by Irontech have a flexible metal skeleton that is easy to handle. Thanks to the various customizable options , such as sever skin tones and different types of wigs etc, you can create a Sex Doll tailored to you.

The summer sale from Irontech doll is here. When you buy a TPE doll with a height of at least 140cm you get an extra head and a wig + gel breasts + articulated fingers + shrug joint + double knee joint EVO + sexy lingerie for FREE. The offer is valid until the end of June. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer.

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