Climax Doll (CLM Doll)

Sex dolls from Climax Doll (CLM) are crafted by a professional team using TPE alone or in combination with silicone (body) + silicone (head). TPE material is soft, smooth, and elastic like real human skin. The internal structure of the Climax dolls is a sturdy metal skeleton that increases their lifespan and offers flexible, realistic movements. Climax sex dolls provide the authentic experience of classic vaginal, oral, and anal sex at an affordable price.

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Climax Doll has a wide selection of sex dolls, Climax doll torsos, masturbators, sexy legs, and mini sex dolls. Its’ specialty are the dolls from the category of big butts (BBW) and it also offers unique dolls with blue skin (Saburo, Zoe).

CLM offers many options on how to customize a sex doll according to your personal preferences. You can choose the type and shape of pubic hair, in which Climax Doll offers several, skin color, or luxurious gel breasts that have a very realistic look and feel to them,  thanks to the gel filling. 

Anime Climax sex dolls that are 24 inch | 60 cm tall can have  a silicone body and a vinyl head - the vinyl allows for finer and more realistic makeup. You can purchase a stylish sexy outfit for the selected doll with a height of 24 inch | 60 cm  in the customizer.

Climax Doll now offers Mouna and Sola heads with a movable realistic jaw, which can be combined with all types of bodies in this brand. The jaw is simply mechanically adjustable, allowing the user to  change the doll facial expression. Thanks to realistic  teeth and tongue, you can also enjoy more intense oral sex.

Naughty Tip

Select the customization skin color combined with your favorite type of pubic hair that will knock your socks off.