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DS doll (EXDOLL)

The DS doll (EXDOLL) brand was established in 2010. It provides high-quality sex dolls and male sex dolls in life-size that are made of the best quality silicone. DS doll invests heavily in development and innovation. Every year they bring customers state-of-the-art realistic silicone dolls that are not just sex toys, but a work of art - and the price matches it. All realistic DS dolls are made of silicone and have non-standing feet and gel breasts. The male sex dolls from the DS doll have a removable penis that can be exchanged for a removable vagina. However, unusual customization includes a vagina without an opening, which is not intended for sexual intercourse. Only 3 DS doll’s heads have a hole for oral sex, which is indicated in the detailed parameters of each sex doll. All silicone dolls have tongues and teeth as decoration only. Read more


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DS doll offers 3 product series regarding the sophistication of details and make-up. Silicone sex dolls from the line Normal have heads that can be removed and the least detailed skin painting. If you want more sophisticated and realistic details on the entire body and face then choose an EVO line. For the additional fee, you can switch sex dolls from the normal bodies with a height of 5'5 ft (167 cm) to the EVO line. Just select it in the customizer.

The appearance of the sex dolls from the Summit series is inspired by porn stars. The silicone dolls have a fixed vagina, a head firmly connected to the body, and the most elaborate details and textures of the skin. In addition, they are available in two sizes - 5'2 ft and 5'6 ft (152 cm and 168 cm).