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In the SHEDOLL range, you can find both realistic sex dolls with a TPE body and a silicone head, as well as silicone dolls with a lightweight body.

Are you longing for an ultra-realistic sex doll made entirely of silicone? You can have the one from SHEDOLL for a small extra fee and with the bonus of a light body. It's free. The option of a lighter body is offered by this brand for an additional fee for TPE dolls with a silicone heads. Selected love dolls have a movable realistic jaw, which allows you to manually adjust the degree of opening of the doll's mouth, thus changing her expression and enjoying more intense oralOther popular customizations include the articulated fingers (allowing you to adjust the dolls‘ fingers to the desired position) and for silicone dolls, the option of standing feet without visible screws on the feet (provides the ability to stand the sex doll on her feet without the risk of damage).


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