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Sexy bodies, perfect faces, uniquely soft skin. This is exactly how life-size sex dolls from the FunWest Doll brand can be described in a nutshell. They are made of TPE material, which makes it possible to create soft and delicate surface to the touch, which is almost indistinguishable from human skin.

The FunWestDoll brand is known for the high-quality processing of TPE sex dolls, which turn into unique works of art under the hands of experienced technologists and enthusiastic artists. Each sex doll includes a certificate with a unique code, which you can use to verify the authenticity of the doll after entering it into the anti-fake system on the manufacturer's website.

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The FunWestDoll brand offers a wide range of customization for all of its TPE dolls. From the most basic ones in the form of eye and hair color, through the articulated fingers, to luxurious gel breasts that are pleasantly soft to the touch and very realistic.

Of course, there is a heating system for pleasant intimate body-to-body contact, a sound system, and the popular electric sucking vagina, which will raise sex to a new, more intense level. Among the less frequent customizations, this manufacturer also offers a sex doll variant with detachable legs, which facilitate handling of the sex doll during routine care, storage, and transport.