Enjoy the company of an exceptionally real sex doll

Explore your fantasies

You open the door, she is waiting in the room.

A genuine beauty from high-quality silicone. Sex doll. Firm body, firm breasts. This one offers way more than standard dolls.

And she is only here for you.

Absolutely discreetly in a professional studio in Prague city centre.

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Exceptionally real sex dolls

High-quality silicone = firm and pleasing body

Fantasies with no boundaries

The doll is here for you and your fantasies

A Unique experience

Try out our sex dolls in the very first studio in the Czech Republic

100% safe and discreet

What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors

Real silicone dolls are the hottest trend spreading across Europe. — Týden magazine—

You will feel their sincerity. — xMan.cz —

A Sex Doll was more successful in a brothel than prostitutes. — Blesk.cz —

How does it work?

1 It is possible to make an online reservation or use the number 721 634 368. Everything is proceeded with total discretion.

2 In our trendy studio in the centre of Prague, we will prepare the sex doll for your visit. We will ask you for a refundable deposit and the payment.

3 The rest is up to you and your imagination.

4 The deposit will be refunded, and we will be looking forward to your next visit.


30 minutes
1 200 Kč
(+ 1 000 Kč deposit)

60 minutes
1 900 Kč
(+ 1 000 Kč deposit)

120 minutes
2 900 Kč
(+ 1 000 Kč deposit)

Our dolls

It is also possible to purchase a custom-made real silicone doll. All important information is to be found on this page.

Studio address

Naughty Harbor is in the very centre of Prague. To make the process as discreet as possible, we provide the exact address before the experience.

Opening hours

Monday–Sunday: 9:00–22:00

Contact us

Phone number: 721 634 362
E-mail: info@naughtyharbor.cz