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Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss is a subsidiary brand of the worldwide popular WM doll brand. In 2022, they decided to separate the production of TPE and silicone dolls. All silicone sex dolls are now sold under Angel Kiss. This new brand specializes in silicone dolls that have every part of the body and face worked out to the smallest detail, including makeup. All Angel Kiss silicone dolls have luxurious gel breasts in the basic version, articulated fingers, standing feet, implanted eyebrows, and eyelashes. Since this is a sub-brand of WM doll, which boasts a very wide range of customizations, you can also choose from many customizations when picking Angel Kiss.  For example, sound touch system, implanted hair, or the type of pubic hair. The Angel Kiss now offers a Real oral sex (ROS) customization. It is a movable realistic jaw with heating and suction that provides an intense oral sex experience and is available for selected silicone heads.

When purchasing a sex doll from this manufacturer you can get FREE: extra head, realistic body painting freckles, breathing function discount ($100) and sucking vagina 20% off. The promotion is valid until 09/30/2023. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer.

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