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Normon Doll is a brand founded in 2021 known for creating attractive, affordable, and ultra-realistic dolls, including both silicone dolls and beauties with TPE bodies and silicone heads. They prioritize highly realistic makeup, perfect skin texture, and a flexible skeleton in all their products.


Customization options for Normon Doll sex dolls include classic configurations such as eye color, wig style, nipple type, and vagina type. They offer choices like full breasts, hollow breasts, and luxurious gel breasts, along with options for implanted human or artificial hair. Additionally, dolls may have legs with standing feet option, allowing them to stand without visible screws on their feet. Certain Normon Doll models feature a moveable jaw (ROS) mechanism, enabling mechanical opening and closing of the doll's mouth for enhanced realism and expression variety.  Moreover, all dolls from this manufacturer offer the ability to combine popular configurations like heating, sound systems, and electric sucking vaginas. Read more


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Wel suggests selecting the Standing Feet option configuration without visible screws on the feet if you desire to safely stand the sex doll, even when wearing shoes, without risking damage.