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The FANREAL brand offers high-quality realistic silicone dolls. In their selection, you can find sexy Asians and charming European beauties. Silicone dolls do not have an oral hole. You can choose between full and gel breasts. Articulated fingers are part of all sex dolls. FANREAL offers a popular standing feet option without visible screws, which allows you to safely stand the sex doll on your own feet without the risk of damage. Furthermore, they offer implanted real and synthetic hair and for lovers of soft skin, a soft variant for thighs, vagina, and bottom, which makes the silicone softer to the touch, but still retains its main benefits: realism, durability, and easy maintenance. 

As a part of the BRAND OFFERS, when purchasing a sex doll from FANREAL, you will get the following FREE BONUSES: realistic body make up, articulated fingers, hard hand, standing with invisible bolts, gel breast, ultra soft butt+inner vagina, movable toes and movable jaw. But hurry – this promotion is only valid until 07/31/2024. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer. Read more


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