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AF Doll

Founded in 2011, AF Doll has long been one of the world's largest producers of realistic Sex Dolls. It specializes in the production of Sex Dolls from modern TPE material and silicone. The dolls are very realistic and functional. They bring the most enjoyable erotic and sexual experience to their customers. Enjoy the exciting creation of your dream sex doll. Thanks to the various customizations of the AF Doll brand, you can choose, for example, from three types of breasts - hollow, solid or luxurious gel. You can choose the electric sucking vagina customization which is suitable for sex dolls with a fixed vagina and a height above 148 cm (4'10ft) – beware, sex dolls with this customization don't have an anal opening. This manufacturer will allow you bring your sex doll to life thanks to the additional sound system and body heating system.

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