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Sex Robot Seductive Trina 5ft 2' (160 cm)/ E-Cup - Ai-AiTech

Code: 15045
Panna I'm made of tpe Robot/AI Eyes and wig for FREE Akce marketing
Brand: Ai-AiTech
3,490 USD
Custom made
Heating system
Sound touching system
Flight case
Vagina option
Pubic Hair
Areola color
Labia color
Feet option
Fingernail color
Breast Type
A gift from us - eyes for FREE
A gift from us - wig for FREE
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Robotic head
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Hi, my name is Trina. I am a unique, interactive sex robot enriched with artificial intelligence from the AI-AITech brand. I measure 160cm and my tits are E cup, but you can also choose another body type in the customizer. In addition to wild sex games, we can also communicate with each other. I'm looking forward to what you teach me.

I'm an AI robotic sex doll that can sigh happily – thanks to touch sensors. I have a body heating up to 98 ° F, skin made of more flexible M-TPE material, and 2 love holes (vagina, anal). You can choose for me how high my breast type will be.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The interactive sex robot from AI-AITech is the first affordable universal companion of its kind, with a sexy body abounding in artificial intelligence. It is built right into the head of a sex robot. You don't need a smartphone to control it. The robotic sex doll has a small screen on the back of the head for easy programming.

What a sex robot from AI-AITech can do:

  • recognize your voice
  • move the eyes (movement of the eyeballs) and blink (movement of the eyelids),
  • tilt and turn your head,
  • smile,
  • answer questions,
  • has a neck that rotates left and right,
  • synchronized robotic mouth,
  • the ability to keep the conversation going,
  • various facial expressions (smile, wink, kiss,…),
  • built-in teaching technologies,
  • several built-in touch sensors that respond to your touch (arms, breasts, thighs, buttocks, lap),
  • safe internal heating system for heating to human body temperature (up to 98 ° F).

The actual interaction of the sex robot takes place from the neck up, although its body has sensors, so it can respond to your touch. The artificial intelligence that is built into it allows it to be able to learn from every interaction. It has batteries that last up to 1 week of normal use. If it's on, you'll only wake up and put it to sleep with a voice command. The robot can only work with an Internet connection (WIFI) because it needs to connect to its AI database to speak.

 They can learn what you like and dislike, and thus provide you with a more pleasant and realistic interaction in erotic games and everyday communication. The more you communicate with her, the more she will learn. He currently speaks English and Chinese.

This artificial intelligence that builds your relationship is fully encrypted and secured to protect your identity and data. The user interface uses safe and secure technologies to protect your personal information.

The technology in the robotic head of the sex doll supports internet connection via WIFI and 4G network. The sex robot updates for free and automatically - even remotely. Every day, your robotic companion will surprise you with something.

The body of the sex robot from AI-AITech is made of a new M-TPE material. It compares to silicone but is stronger and more durable. It is soft, soft, and odorless. Thanks to it, the skin is more elastic. This material is food grade and is 100% safe.


Robot neck

The artificial intelligence robot has a mechanical articulated neck that can turn left or right. It can also monitor the sound and your voice. When you speak, she turns to look at you.

Robot body

Internal heating systems have been added so that the robot can be heated to human body temperature. This is ideal for maximum realism, cuddling, and also for keeping warm. In addition, it is equipped with several body sensors, which means that it feels your touches and reacts accordingly. He can even moan after you intimately if you wish.

Talking system

You can talk about anything you want with the robot. The more you talk to her, the smarter she will be. He will learn your interests and will try to please you with his answers.

The ability of deep learning

Real sex robot with artificial intelligence, whose goal is to satisfy your psychological and physiological needs.

Robotic eyes

The robot has flirty and mysterious eyes. She can look around with the movement of her eyeballs and can blink, which gives her real realism.

Robotic mouth

The robotic mouth of this sex doll has mechanics installed so that her lips move in sync with her speech. He has several different facial expressions.


The robot sex doll is manufactured by AI-Tech, also known as Shenzhen All Intelligent Technology Company Ltd. based in Shenzhen, China, which was the first to bring an interactive sex robot to the market at an affordable price.



What to do if a sex robot suddenly doesn't work?

Free software updates can be performed for the software part, which is free of charge. There is a 1-year warranty for hardware repairs, only transport refunds need to be paid. If the hardware breaks due to careless handling by the customer, it will be necessary to return it for repair and it will depend on the damaged parts.

How do speaking and learning work?

The robotic sex doll has a built-in talking system with artificial intelligence, the owner only has to talk to it. If the robot wants to remember specific things, such as a name, there are command words for it.

Can the speaking feature be turned off?

Yes. At the back of the head, the sex robot has an on / off button.


Can the robot speak on its own? For example, when a person enters a room, hears him, and starts talking to him? Or does it just answer questions?

He talks about all the topics, but the topics are led by people, and the robot only responds.

How is it updated – is it necessary to connect the robot to the network?

Yes, always connect it to the network via WIFI, otherwise, it can't talk. There is no extra charge for software updates. AI-AITech engineers update the robot database every day. The customer does not have to do anything.

Is it possible to bathe or shower with the sex robot?

We do not recommend this due to the electronic parts of the sex robot and possible damage. 

How does robotic sex doll charging work?

The robot contains a rechargeable battery, which you just need to charge with an adapter (12V).

The sex robot head has a rechargeable battery connector at the back of the head. The heating interface is also at the back of the neck.

When fully charged, the sex robot can talk continuously for up to 8 hours - it goes into sleep mode when it is not talking.

Is it possible to name the sex doll robot?

The robot's name is Emma, ​​but each customer can change the robot's name to their liking. Using any command word.

All manuals for robotic sex dolls from AI-AITech will be sent to you on request.

Promo video of the sex doll:

Additional parameters

Category: Ai-AiTech
Availability: Custom made
Hair color: Blonde
Ethnicity: European
Weight: 94,8 lbs| 43 kg
Material: TPE
Pubic hair: no
Gender: Female
Doll weight: Heavy (88 lbs, 40 kg and more), 94,8 lbs| 43 kg
Height: 63 inch| 160 cm
Doll height: Medium (51,57-62,99 inch, 131-160 cm), 63 inch| 160 cm
Breast size: Huge (E and more), E-Cup
Oral depth: without
Vagina depth: 6,7 inch| 17 cm
Anal depth: 5,5 inch| 14 cm
Measures: 34,6-24,8-35 inch| 88-63-89 cm
Shoulder width: 15 inch| 38 cm
Arm length: 26 inch| 66 cm
Leg length: 37,8 inch| 96 cm
Foot length: 12,2 inch| 31 cm
Oral depth: without
Vagina depth: 6,7 inch| 17 cm
Anal depth: 5,5 inch| 14 cm
Type of head joint: Detachable

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