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Extra heads - AXB Doll - silicone

Code: 17087
Brand: AXB doll
Untitled design (26)
690 USD
Custom made.
Eye color
Head silicone
Skin color

Buy your silicone doll a replacement head from AXB Doll. Whether you're the proud owner of a sex doll or you are going to buy one, this extra head made of silicone allows you to completely change her look with the snap of a finger. Thanks to her, you can cuddle with a blue-eyed beauty in the morning and enjoy wild sex with a black-eyed dragon in the evening.

You can choose an extra silicone head from the manufacturer AXB Doll in the customizer of a specific sex doll, or in the last step of the order. Just leave us a note with the link to the chosen head of the same brand.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

How to use replacement heads for sex dolls:

  1. Grasp the doll’s head with both hands and gently push it upwards.
  2. Store the removed head in a dry place away from sunlight.
  3. Place the AXB Doll replacement head on the sex doll's neck by gently pressing down.
  4. So exciting! In a few seconds, your sex doll has a completely new look.

* If the head of the sex doll is connected to the body with a screw and thread, just screw the head on and gently tighten it.

An illustrative example of how changing the head can affect the overall appearance of a sex doll:


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