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Extra heads - Game Lady Doll

Code: 17922
Brand: Game Lady
Extra heads -  Game Lady Doll
1,000 USD
Custom made.
Soft head
Skin Color

Take advantage of the possibility of completely changing the appearance of a sex doll with the snap of a finger. Game Lady Doll replacement heads are, like the doll bodies, made of silicone. They come with implanted eyebrows, eyelashes, and movable eyes, which you can easily adjust manually. These silicone heads do not have an opening for oral sex - only head #11 has an oral opening (9 cm - 3,5 inches) with a movable jaw. If you want a head with an oral hole, you can choose the free version of the head called soft head -> beware, you can no longer choose implanted hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes with this customization.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

How to change the head on a silicone sex doll:

  • Grasp the sex doll's head with both hands and gently push it upwards.
  • Store the removed head in a dry place away from sunlight and dust.
  • Place the Game Lady Doll replacement head on the sex doll's neck by gently pressing down.
  • Exciting! In a few seconds, your silicone sex doll has a new look.

* If the head of the love doll is connected to the body with a screw and thread, just screw the head on and gently tighten it.

An illustrative example of how changing the head can affect the overall appearance of a silicone sexy doll:


Additional parameters

Category: Extra Sex Doll heads
Oral depth: without

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