Irontechdoll (Irontech Doll) Sex dolls are most often inspired by the European and American aesthetic. These Sex Dolls are made of high-quality TPE material developed for the most pleasant and realistic experience. You can create a doll exactly according to your taste. Realistic dolls by Irontech have a flexible metal skeleton that is easy to handle. Thanks to the various customizable options , such as sever skin tones and different types of wigs etc, you can create a Sex Doll tailored to you.


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Sigafun is one of Irontechdoll´s product series. It includs torsos, masturbators, and other sex toys. News: The Irontechdoll offers a new electric sucking vagina that, in addition to sucking, preheats, and vibrates + offers 2 new sex robot customizations: The first one is the Sex robot - oral function - which is the customization in which the doll moves her head and thrusts like a living woman, therefore, you can enjoy more intense oral sex. The second one is the Sex robot - the moving body - which naturally moves the chest and hips.