Masturbators with vagina + anal

A masturbator with a vagina and anus (also called sex doll torso, or sex torso) is one of the variants of life-size sex dolls that lack the upper and lower body parts. There are masturbators with a larger or smaller part of the torso or thighs. The largest range of masturbators in our range comes from the Climax Doll, WM Doll, and Irontechdoll.

The advantage of sex masturbators is mainly their small size and low weight. These properties bring their owner advantages in the form of easy handling during love games, regular care, transport, and storage. At Naughty Harbor you can buy masturbators made of TPE material and silicone. Like sexy leg masturbators, vagina and anal masturbators have limited customizations such as pubic hair or vagina color.

Torso and masturbators are suitable for everyone who is looking for an affordable realistic erotic aid or who prefers a cheaper and lighter, very practical handle, alternative to the classic doll.


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