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Real Lady

The Real Lady produces ultra-realistic silicone dolls, which are truly above-standard quality and elaborated to the smallest detail. The body curves of Real Lady sex dolls are indistinguishable from real women. On their soft skin, you can find natural folds, small wrinkles, and other structures that correspond 100% to human skin. Of course, the love holes and breasts are also perfectly executed. Real Lady works closely with Irontechdoll and they share the same range of customizations. Read more


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All sex dolls are made of silicone, which allows for the most realistic execution of body and face. Real Lady dolls have a very realistically designed vagina, including labia and anus. They fully replicate real women. You can try any favorite positions with a sex doll and enjoy them to the maximum. They have special jointed feet with an enhanced skeleton that allows their toes to move and maintain an authentic and natural appearance.

Silicone heads do not have an opening for oral sex but you can choose a soft head in the customizer which offers oral sex. In addition to the classic customizations of eye color, hair, or pubic hair type, Real Lady also offers the popular electric sucking vagina, which, in addition to contraction, preheats and vibrates.

You have 2 Sex Robot customizations to choose from:

  • Sex robot - oral function is a feature which the doll moves her head and thrusts like a living woman. You can enjoy intense oral sex. It can be combined with the movable body a of Real Lady.
  • Sex robot – the moving body naturally moves the chest and the hips. It can be combined with an electric sucking vagina and an oral robotic function.

Naughty tip

If you don't want to lose the possibility of oral sex with a perfectly realistic Real Lady silicone doll, choose the soft head option in the customizer. In addition, selected heads have a special ROS movable jaw that allows the sex doll's mouth to be opened and closed manually.