Sex robot

Explore the individual possibilities of specific sex robots and experience futuristic love and sex with robots. Thanks to sex robot customization, selected sex dolls with a realistic appearance of the most beautiful women from the brand SY Doll and SEDOLL are endowed with the ability to move (SY Doll - circling hips, SEDOLL - forward and backward movement of hips). This provides more intense anal and oral sex. The sex robots are controlled by a remote control that has 3 speeds. Each realistic sex doll in the Sex Robot category is endowed with various customization options. 

Ai-AiTech brand offers sex dolls with AI (artificial intelligence) that will not only satisfy you sexually, but you can also communicate with them. They are the 1st affordable interactive sex robots that can learn sentences. You can choose from 7 types of sex robots, but for the body, you can choose different sizes and breasts. Because AiTech offers many customizations (i.e., hair and eye color, skin type, pubic hair, vagina color, etc.) you can also create your sex robot. The Irontechdoll brand offers new customizations such as a Sex robot – Electric hip and waist and an electric sucking vagina.


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