The brand of realistic sex dolls SEDOLL was founded in 2016. From their wide range you can choose silicone sex dolls, sex dolls from TPE or those from a combination of both materials (TPE body + silicone head). The sex dolls of this manufacturer are, rather than an erotic aid, a work of art, they are made of very high quality and in with a special attention to detail. For lovers of real dolls, it offers many unique models with sexy bodies and beautiful faces. Only SEDOLL offers a unique robotic customization, within which selected sex dolls are able to actively move (fit) during sex. Classic, oral and anal sex with these robotic sex dolls bring a whole new dimension of intimate intercourse. 

For each sex doll from this manufacturer, you will now receive BRAND OFFERS fo FREE. For TPE: fixed tongue, lubricated vagina, articulated fingers, gel breasts. For silicone: ROS jaw, realistic skin make up, articulated fingers, gel breasts, shoulder shrug, hard hands and feet. For each order hanging hook kit and head stand. Don't miss this unique opportunity, which will only last till the end of February. Write the selected free promotion bonuses in the notes in the third step of the cart or select them in the customizer.

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SEDOLL protects its products against counterfeiting. You can verify their authenticity using the Anti Fake System. Unleash your imagination and take advantage of the variety of customization options for sex dolls from SEDOLL. Choose your sex doll skin color, eyes, hair, breast size or nipples.

Enjoy more intense lovemaking with SEDOLL's Electric sucking vagina with multi-language moaning. It provides realistic and interactive vaginal sex. The customization is only suitable for TPE models with a height above 59,1 inches with a built-in vagina. The system is using a rechargeable controller.