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The Starpery brand is known both for its high-quality processing of silicone sex dolls and for being visionaries in the development of Real Sex Dolls and sexbots. The sex dolls from their workshop have perfectly structured leather, which is indistinguishable from humans. They are implementing modern technologies and their sex doll bodies and functions are constantly being improved.The manufacturer's goal is to create the most realistic sex dolls in the world that are able to communicate in 2021, and in the following years to add a walking function, and last but not least, artificial intelligence.Starpery is an ambitious brand that moves the development of sex dolls forward every year.

TIP - The Starpery brand offers a sex doll in the basic variant with a body made of TPE material and with a silicone head. As part of this manufacturer's customization, it is possible to order a sex doll made entirely of silicone.