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WM doll

The WM doll Brand is considered the world's leading manufacturer of realistic dolls. The Sex Dolls from their workshop are both high quality and realistic. Their bodies are perfectly sophisticated and very real to the touch. Professional designers and sculptors create dolls based on the anatomy of real women. WM doll's offer also includes muscular male dolls called Male Sex Dolls. You can also choose a very realistic sex doll with a head firmly connected to the body (seamless) – see the product parameters.WM doll offers countless optional customizations and thanks to them you can assemble a unique doll exactly according to your wishes. This manufacturer also offers more unique eye colors - amber, gray or cat eyes. You can also choose your preferred vagina color with sex dolls from WM doll. Realistic dolls from WM doll, OR Doll and YL Doll offer the same type of heads that are fully compatible within the three brands. NEWS: Breathing doll customization on our eshop. Selected sex dolls with a height of 5’4 ft and C-cup breasts can now also be selected in the customizer in an all-silicone version.

When purchasing a love doll (this does not apply to sex dolls in stock), the WM doll offers the below customization for free or at a discount. Write us the selected free promotional bonuses in the 3rd step of the basket in the notes or select them in the customizer. FREE: extra head + gel breasts + real makeup - veins + articulated fingers. PROMOTION: breathing simulation for only $99. The original price was $599. The promotion is valid until the end of 2022.

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