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The XYcolo brand focuses on high-end realistic design. Sex dolls are made from several types of silicone. In the basic variant, XYcolo sex dolls are made of Platinum Silicone (PS), and for an additional fee, you can choose from other variants such as Organic Silicone (OS), Platinum Silicone Pro (PSP), or Organic Silicone Pro (OSP). They also offer the all-in-one (seamless) silicone sex doll Samara AIO PRO with the head firmly connected to the body. The love doll is made from Organic Silicone Pro only.  Read more


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In addition to a varied choice of material, the manufacturer XYcolo offers tailor-made tattoos, veins, or an individual choice of nipple color for its silicone sex dolls. These customizations need to be written in the notes in step 3 of the cart – you can find their description, including detailed information on premium silicone materials, on the XYcolo customization overview page. 

All sex dolls have silicone tits. Only 3 head types have an opening for oral sex: Brigitte, YanaCE, and Angela. Information about the oral opening can be found in the description of the individual products. New: Selected XYcolo sex dolls, for example the silicone doll Annika, have a movable jaw that allows manual adjustment of the size of the mouth. In addition to the facial expression, this customization will be appreciated by all lovers of oral sex.